Jim Dodd, Vice President, Sprint, talked about Marty Shih's character:

"I hope... you will capture his passion for people, ideas, and enterprise.It is this passion that sets him apart from other entrepreneurs and continually fuels his pursuit of excellence in business."

Marty Shih and 800-777-CLUB, Inc. in Success again
See the press release for more details.

Recent Media Coverage of 800-777-CLUB, INC.

  • Special report, Nation's Business,
    "The Language of Success"

  • Success
    "From these efforts grew the Asian American Association ... that channels the vast purchasing power of new Asian immigrants to American businesses. The shih's inspiring saga is proof that the American dream lives."
  • Los Angeles Times
    "Marty and Helen Shih tell one of those entrepreneurial success stories that boggle the mind... These two are a walking advertisement for thinking big and working hard."
  • Business Week
    "Marty Shih has something a lot of marketers want: a vast knowledge of Asians, including cultures, languages, and buying habits—and a multilingual phone staff for reaching them."
  • Forbes
    "In reaching the fragmented Asian-American market, the Shihs have rendered considerable service to American Businesses... Last year, the Shihs’ privately held Asian Business Co-Op’s 450 operators, speaking six languages, moved $200 million in merchandise
    for telemarketing clients."
  • Day Watch, CNN
    (Marty) "wants to help new immigrants just as he was helped when he first came to the U.S."
  • Making it the American dream, KCAL (Channel 9)
    "Marty exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship the American dream."
  • NBC News
    "The toll free number 1-800-777-CLUB puts you in touch with a Chinese speaking operator who can give you information about 30,000 Asian owned businesses throughout the U.S. The directory service will help many people overcome the language barrier."
  • New York Times
    "Marty Shih is the kind of person who has earned Asian-Americans the widespread characterization as the model minority."
  • L.A. Business Journal
    "Through hard work and persistence, Shih turned that single flower stand into multi-million dollar business - along the way showing once again that you can still make your fortune in L.A."

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