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The mission of 800-777-CLUB,Inc. is to represent the needs and support the growth of all Asian-Americans by providing benefits and opportunities to enhance their personal and professional lifestyles.

Company Profile

Marty Shih is the founder of 800-777-CLUB, Inc. A recent immigrant from Taiwan who arrived here with a mere $500 and limited English, Marty Shih realized his American dream and evidenced that America is indeed the land of opportunity. From a street flower stand, to one of the largest floral franchise chains, and now the largest Asian-American owned telecommunications company, Marty Shih has been successfully advancing and carrying on his entrepreneurial spirit and his philosophy of "Think Big, aim high, and have passion, have dreams" to everything he has done .

The year of 1989 marked the birth of a dynamic and innovative company, 800-777-CLUB, Inc., which was primarily founded on two believes:

  • The Information Age is coming. Information will be leading the progress of the local and global economy.
  • Asian-Americans will represent a major purchasing power in the United States.

The company is committed to meet the needs of the Asian-American community with the highest quality products and services at the most affordable prices through channels of innovative technologies. Representing Asian-Americans since its inception, 800-777-CLUB, Inc. has been consolidating the power of Asian-Americans, striving to break through language and cultural barriers and unleash the potential of the Asian-American. Meanwhile, 800-777-CLUB, Inc. serves as an ambassador and functions as a catalyst in bridging the mainstream community and the Asian community for the well-being of the community as a whole. Products and services provided by 800-777-CLUB, Inc. and its affiliate include long-distance telephone services, telemarketing services, human resource management, financial services and insurance products, telecommunications equipment sales and services, international trade, database management, Internet services, and association membership services throughout the United States.

Through the years, 800-777-CLUB, Inc. has been recognized as a pioneering and visionary leader within the Asian business community especially as it pertains to the information and telecommunications industry. The Board of Directors promotes initiative, creativity, and innovation, and encourages employees and associates to think and act courageously without fear of the unknown. The management and employees of 800-777-CLUB, Inc. believe that to err is better than not to err; to risk is safer than not to risk. Marching ahead in the Information Age, 800-777-CLUB, Inc. will keep its business focus on bridging the east and the west, enhancing the lifestyle and quality of life for all Asians, and expanding the company with a diversified business development approach. Building upon its accomplishments, 800-777-CLUB, Inc. is now plotting out other ventures for the further growth and prosperity of the company and the community.

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Telephone: 1-800-777CLUB  
FAX: 1-626-4522198  
Address: 9550 Flair Drive, El Monte, CA 91731  
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